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With over 150 years of service in Edinburgh we are prepared to quickly and can competently complete your project no matter how large or small .

Below we have a new roof being laid with Spanish slate, on type 1f roofing felt which acts as a vapour barrier and is commonly used with a cold roof design which usually requires a ventilation detail at the eave and ridge . All slates are fixed using copper nails to ensure a lasting finish a some slate can last up to 200 years plus .

Professional slate roofing services in Edinburgh ,with all types of slate roofs supplied and repaired most are double nailed with copper nails .

If you need assistance or advice regarding your slate roof call us on 01313344977 or send us an enquiry and we can MOT your roof using our fixed price maintenance on top service ,where we overhaul you roof to ensure there s no future problems.

new spanish roof being started, ROOFING SERVICES EDINBURGH |

new spanish roof being started, ROOFING SERVICES EDINBURGH |

finished roof panel, roofing services edinburgh

finished slated panel , roofer corstorphine | roofer edinburgh |

finished slated panel , roofer corstorphine | roofer edinburgh |

Gutters repaired , corstophine




Gutters taken down old bent straps removed to be replaced with new gutter straps on. Gutter repair corstorphine,
roofer corstorphine

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New gutter straps installed and slates replaced. gutter repair corstorphine roofer corstorphine

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New gutters fitted | roofer corstorphine | gutters leaking edinburgh | overflowing gutters

Causes of roof leaks |roofer corstorphine|

cause’s of roof leaks ,
as you will see from photos a, badly maintained roof, will cost you thousands , most roofs have around a 50 year life span although this can be extended with good maintenance.and general , roof repairs, Your home is usually your greatest asset, roof leaks , can also damage electrical goods aswell as most of the home owners belongings

So if you think you see any problems or need , roof repairs, it’s wise to get them checked usually it’s free to get a quotation


Above is a ,zinc watergate , which instead of being replaced the cheaper option of painting the , watergate, was used some years ago . If they had replaced watergate , then it would still have around 15/20 years of life left


Above is a picture of the , pointing on ridges / hip tiles falling away . If this is left and not repointed then it could mean the ridges / hip tiles may require to be removed and re-bedded which may be costly if you see slipped mortar or other , roof repairs , get it sorted

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